Thursday, May 14, 2009

She Who Lived to Tell of Smoke that Thunders, Trumpeting Elephants and Laughing Hyenas

I made it. I'm back and sitting at my desk in Omaha, Neb., eating the only thing left in my cupboard (that took less than five minutes to make): I've gone through my emails, discovered (to my joy) that Neko Case will be coming to town in June (along with Bowerbirds and St. Vincent--could life be any better) and sifted through more junk mail than I realized I receive. After some 36 hours of traveling, I am in a bit of a daze and microwave popcorn is the best I can do. But wow, what a trip. There was something completely new at every bump in the very bumpy road. And my friends, the sky, the sky. I cannot describe the sky, the vastness, the colors, the clouds going on forever and forever amen. Though right now I am content with my indoor plumbing, Iron & Wine and to move only at the pace that the Earth turns--at least for the moment.


Megan said...

welcome home. : )

Jess said...

ooh, Neko Case is coming? maybe I'll be able to swing up here for a show.
and yes, welcome home.

Julie Wittman said...

Lainey, I love reading your blog.