Saturday, December 10, 2011

Deer Tenderloin

I had four or five paragraphs written out about this deer tenderloin, but things just kept rambling on and on very amateurishly so I deleted it. There were all sorts of ponderings about life and blogging and eating and dating--trust me it was boring. Just look at the photos.

I cooked the deer, brought to me straight from the woods from my friend Dan, with a fennel and crushed bay leaf rub. I've used it before on pork tenderloin--quite tasty and not at all as weird as it sounds. Try it with this season's trappings.

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lindsey baker said...

i mistakenly read the title of this post as "dear tenderloin," and i kind of would have loved the beginning of the blog to be the catalog of your thoughts as you were prepping this beast. ;) i know how that goes with the blogging. it's something i kind of don't least until i post a crazy poeim to the tumblr.