Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Emptying the Fridge.

As I'm going out of town this weekend and am off to Costa Rica (!!) for a week following that, the inspiration for this meal was unloading my refrigerator. Edible contents of the fridge/pantry used in this meal: roma tomato, heirloom tomato, green pepper, canned artichoke hearts, baby bella mushrooms, onion and garlic. I added orzo and some extremely old and already opened marsala cooking wine (gets better with time right?). I didn't have cream so ingeniously made some buttermilk to thicken. Topped with parmasan cheese and basil and parsley. It actually turned out shockingly better than I thought it would. And maybe not so shockingly, I ate all of the vegetables pictured above. In cleaning out the fridge, I ended up throwing away too much old food (kids may not be starving in China anymore but somewhere in Africa they are). One peach in particular looked more like a mushroom than anything else. It is hard cooking for just one person. Sure, no one else would let me get away with what I made tonight. But leftovers every night for a week gets old (figuratively and literally). Anybody got tips for reinventing leftovers?

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Craig said...

hey lainers,
a great way to wrap up a week's scattered leftover ingredients is a frittata. they'll take almost any ingredients, and they always turn out a bit different because of it. i like pasta in mine, and the portions are really unimportant. just grab a couple eggs, pasta, meats, cheeses and veggies. i usually throw in some of my mom's tastefully simple spices, but you could use whatever. just throw it all together (the eggs keep it together in the pan), fry one side (with a little evo of course), then use a plate to flip it. cooks quick and easy clean up.