Monday, August 25, 2008


I hesitated, originally, to start a blog, since I do a lot of writing and reading at work. But I do remember what it was like to write for writing’s sake, without worrying about misspellings, extra commas and catchy leads. Perhaps the adage applies, once you know the rules, break them. Whatever. I am writing this blog for me. Because I love all things food. Love it. I love cooking, though I certainly don’t do enough of it, and I am not very good at it. I love talking all evening over a glass of wine. I love how much food is a part of where you are in the country, in the world, in the house, in life. So I suppose I hope that other will enjoy reading what I write and eating what I eat. But if not, I’ll enjoy enough for all of you.


Anonymous said...

Lainey, who is the lady with the big chest?

Anonymous said...

Very creative! Maybe you could get a job clening out people's refrigerator.

BP said...

I love your blog! As a fellow "foodie", cook and sushi lover I could relate. Keep it up. You always have lacrosse to burn those calories :)


snekse said...

Hey Lainey,

I'm thinking about creating a shared blogroll for all of the Omaha area food blogs. Would you be interested in being a part of the blogroll?

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