Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day (or Two) Late.

Labor Day was now almost two weeks ago. But I do still remember the food. I got back from Missouri just in time for dinner. Megan and I decided on a low-key meal, but it did involve the grill. There's an ordinance in Omaha prohibiting charcoal grills from apartments. Rather disappointing as gas grills kind of scare me with that propane tank and all. I am not proud to admit that I've only used my gas grill maybe twice this entire summer. A friend (Mark) left it in my possession when he moved out of Omaha and hasn't come back to claim it (I suspect he's moved on). I think he would be disappointed to know it's more useful as a shelf for my plants than to fire up burgers on a hot night. On this hot night in particular, we kept it simple. Megan heated up some leftover vegetables from Erica and Dave's wedding earlier that weekend--they turned out really well. And I made the recipe that caused me to be the only other fish-lover in my immediate family. I will never understand those people (father, sister, sister) and how they could turn up their noses at this dish. It's butter, lemon, herbs and fish. That's it. But oh so good. Here's the rough guide: 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon lemon juice dry thyme to taste seasoned salt to taste 2 white fish fillets (tilapia, catfish, whatever) Mix the marinade together. Add to fish. Place fish on aluminum tray. Cook on grill until fish meat flakes with a fork. I do have a photo of this meal. However, I misjudged the size of my parents' memory card, putting it into a slot in my computer where it is now stuck. Oops. Hopefully, will have it and some photos from Costa Rica after open heart surgery on my computer tomorrow.

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Maria said...

Much better! I was concerned about you!

I can't wait to see Costa Rica pictures and hear about the food you all had.