Monday, October 27, 2008

Is The Reader Crazy?

I'm a bit nervous about announcing this. (I'm sort of afraid I'm jumping the gun, and it won't end up working out.) But The Reader has at the very least offered me a position as the, ahem, contributing editor of the Dish Section, and I have taken it. When I told my mom about the job, she said, "Oh you'll love it because you'll get to be in control." (I confess, I am a typical oldest child).
No worries, I am not quitting my job at Home & Away Magazine. This job is in addition to Home & Awizzle (as coined by the Baker sisters). It turns out a career as a writer isn't as lucritive as J.K. Rowling, James Patterson and Steven King would make you believe. Shocking. I know.
But this means I will (essentially) get to run the restaurant review section of the Omaha-area newsweekly. And I apparently write a column? And another blog? And manage a dining Web site? And send out a weekly newsletter? Oh my god, what was I thinking?!
Just kidding. I'm cool with it, nay, I'm stoked. But yes, a bit nervous that I'll do a good job covering the entire Omaha metro area including Lincoln and CouncilTucky, I mean Council Bluffs. I was driving home from work on Friday and sitting at a stop light, I became a little overwhelmed/veclempt. I mean, as little as two years ago I was just starting out with this whole getting-paid-for-writing thing. It's strange to get to do something that you dream about, and it's definitely not exactly what you think it would be. It's great in a different way.
But I need help. I don't think I need writers. But I do want ideas. So if you have a neighborhood restaurant that you just love and you think would make a good story for The Reader. Or, if you want to join me for a good meal in Omaha, let me know. Thanks to Josh and Jill, I've already got a headstart.


Marsha said...

Lainey, this will be great. I can understand how you might feel overwhelmed. But when opportunity knocks, you absolutely must open the door. Go for it!

Craig said...

Lainey!! COOOOOL!!!!

Maria said...

Congrats! That sounds like an awesome job. Next time I'm out there, we'll hit up all the hot spots. I've only been to an Indian place with Sarah (don't remember the name but it was good) and that noodle place in Lincoln. I'm not sure it's really news-worthy.

Lainey Seyler said...

yep, jaipur is excellent. and there is no shame in noodles and company. i eat there once a week. love the pad thai.

lindsey baker said...

yay! many congrats, and welcome to the reader editor fold. it *is* a little overwhelming, as you've witnessed on my frazzled days, but it's cool. and you will so rock crumbs.

Jess said...

I'd love to join you for a meal in Omaha. My mom and stepdad live in CouncilTucky, so when I visit them I'll be right over the river from you!