Sunday, October 12, 2008

Maria and Garlic.

Maria is one of the first of my friends to get her own house. So she made this dish in a kitchen that she owns. Inferiority complexes aside (it's a bad market anyway, right?), I admit a bit of mouth watering over the dish. It's chicken and veggies in a garlic marinade. Surprised? Anyone who knows Maria understands her love (obsession) with garlic. She puts it in everything. It was sort of a joke back at the house on Florence and Jefferson in Kirksville. She even got one of this metal "bar of soap" thingy that washes off weird odors (like garlic and fish).

My other comment about this to note how healthy my friends/two-of-five faithful readers (doesn't anyone make cookies?). Also how much they seem to like alcohol (note the bottle of beer).

Again, send me some lovely, mouth-watering photos of your food, and I'll do a nice, complimentary post about you (even you, dad, gravy, gravy, gravy). lrseyler at hotmail dot com. Thanks.


Maria said...

One of your other faithful readers got me the garlic bar-of-soap thing...Jenny!

Funny you mention cookies. I made some sugar cookies this weekend! I ran 10 miles on Sunday so I thought I'd reward myself. Sorry I didn't take pictures. I will next time (there will be a next time)!

One last note. The meal pictured above was made on my first ever grill. It's a gas grill and I somehow managed to not blow up my house. No worries, I do have insurance!

Megan said...

yum. wow, that looks delicious!

Jenny said...

I feel a cooking competition coming on. I know you will win Maria, but it sounds fun.

Does that bar work?

Jenny said...

...and yeah to booze!

Lainey Seyler said...

next time i'm in st. louis we're totally having a cook-off challenge with jenny's mom as the judge.