Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Imitating Selby and The Smile

Inspiration for this dessert came from The Selby, a photographic project by artist/photographer Todd Selby. He goes into the homes of creative people (plus Peaches Geldof--who I do not consider to be particularly creative, am I right?) and just takes photos of them and their stuff, books, art, stuff that inspires them--some of these people are serious pack rats.
But Selby recently did a photo shoot for Cole, Rood and Haan (you know Cole Haan, shoes, bags, whatever) that I am probably the most obsessed with. He went to some of his favorite places in New York, one of which is a restaurant/cafe/gallery/gathering place called The Smile (I even love their Web site). On long days at work, I'll distract myself by clicking through the photos on this series and swooning over The Smile's dark wood and cozy atmosphere, this girl's boots (obviously Cole, Rood & Haan) and then I noticed this photo:
See that Fage Greek yogurt in the background. I had forgotten that I bought that brand of yogurt a week or so ago and it was sitting, lonely, in a drawer in my fridge. It's plain yogurt and it's pretty sour tasting--I'm not quite hardcore enough to eat it plain. I had thought of pairing it with honey and some granola, but this is even better. Tastes sort of like ice cream. And look how pretty.

Yogurt and Jam: plain yogurt jam almonds


Sarah Baker said...

I *love* the Selby. And I also love Fage yogurt. And your little owl dish.

"Sunshine" said...