Thursday, January 7, 2010


I realize Omaha isn't an isolated locale receiving the brunt of Mother Nature's fury. I know it's -30 other places and that we are not the only ones who have had two blizzard and like 30-plus inches of snow, but it sure feels like it. I'm beginning to lose track of how many times I've shoveled, and there literally is no where to put the snow. Dumps trucks are hauling it off as if it were debris to snow burial grounds that are beginning to resemble not-so-miniature models of the Himalayan mountain range.

My dad obsessed about proper shoveling when I was in grade school. My sister and I had to get out there and push the snow early, which we did with much complaining. Like everything else, it took years for me to see my dad's wisdom. I now see that complaining only makes things worse and that there is a benefit to hitting the drifts as soon as possible. And if that isn't inspiration enough, I'm not averse to bribing myself--even the best of parents must resort to incentives at one time or another. My motivation for swift and steady work outdoors was a birthday gift: (cue the heavenly voices) a Le Creuset Dutch oven.

I told my mom I wanted one without really expecting to get it. She told me no way but then found some on sale at Williams' Sonoma. I actually exchanged the one she got me for a bigger one. Megan could not believe I would spend that much on a pot, and truly, neither can I, but I fully expect the investment to be worth it. I tell you, I had better still be making soups in this pot when I'm 95, and after I die, it will be passed down to my children. I shall henceforth consider it an heirloom. One that makes perfect poached eggs.

Never before have my eggs turned out looking exactly as they are supposed to. I credit the Dutch oven (and blame myself for over-cooking the yolk). The Dutch oven also sauteed my kale nicely. Kale is yet another new vegetable for me, and I quite like it. It's like a warm salad, a category of food which I am fond of. Runny eggs take to buttery, crunchy kale nicely.

Sauteed Kale: inspired (once again) by Orangette
Two bunches kale, coarsely chopped
tablespoon olive oil
salt and pepper

Heat the oil in your Dutch oven (!) or regular pot on medium heat. Toss in the chopped kale, stirring with a wooden spoon. Saute until the kale has turned a brighter green and the stalks are softened a bit. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve between a piece of toast and a runny poached egg.


Jess said...

oh, speaking of eggs:

and - I am impressed with your egg poaching skills. I've yet to try. I'm actually terrified to try.

Lainey Seyler said...

aha! i saw that but hadn't time to listen yet. gah! love molly wizenberg.

Tim said...

Le Creuset wont let ya down. Ive had mine for about 5 years. Best pot. You can cook anything in it. Worth every penny. If you get more of the sizes, you will find your self cooking only in them and nothing else.