Friday, February 26, 2010

How To Clean a Syrup Spill

In case you didn't know, I am a massive clutz.

Last night while making Indian lentil stew, I was rumaging around in the cupboard and knocked something off the shelf. I heard it crash and shatter behind me before I turned around to see that the contents of an entire bottle of syrup had splattered all over the kitchen floor. It was everywhere: dripping down the fridge, on the counter, all over the floor, on the door, a small amount on the wall and this morning I noticed a couple drops of solidified sugar on my shoes. I just looked at it, cursing the makers of a breakable bottle of syrup. Aunt Jemima has it right with those plastic ones.

Clean-up was (obviously) a tad ridiculous. eHow said that pouring salt on the wound would absorb the stuff, which actually did help. I went through two containers of table salt to get this bad boy off the floor, if you can picture me just pouring and scraping with a metal spatula in my underwear (so as not to get my clothing sticky). And then mopping the floor, also in my underwear. At one point I had syrup all over the bottom of my feet but needed something from the closet, so I crawled on my (already bruised) hands and knees to the closet and back again. In all, it took three goes at washing the floor, plus Megan came home and wiped it clean with a wash cloth. Sheesh, what a night.


Megan said...

hahah you crawled to your closet? i can totally picture you in your underwear mopping! hilarious! good job cleaning, roomite.

Jess said...

you are SO funny! cleaning in your underwear! I really hope it wasn't 100% pure maple syrup b/c that would be so sad. I would probably cry while mopping.

Megan said...

Classic. i'm dying all over again. lol.