Friday, March 19, 2010

BK Bakery

Sigh. Last weekend I went home with Megan to Jefferson City, Mo., to celebrate her bachelorette party in nearby Columbia. Before the party, we drove around doing miscellaneous wedding errands (including buying a pair of shoes for myself) the highlight of which was definitely this bakery where Megan and Eric are probably getting their wedding cake. How cute are those pastries? And Meg and I couldn't believe how cheap they were; those brownies are 75 cents.

I got a flaky almond croissant just barely filled with custard and topped with crunchy almonds. We sampled cupcake versions of the bakery's cakes, which were the usual moist cake with not-too-sweet frosting that you can expect from a hand-baked concoction. I loved the bakery. It's just the sort of place I would love to own, except not in a strip mall, though I give the owner credit for sprucing it up. Strip mall or no, the bakery has character.

I don't know why, but I've been feeling so tense this week. There's stress every week and this is no different. I'm usually pretty good at tranquilarme, but not today. I'm need of a big bear hug, one so tight my back cracks. Instead what I'll probably do is go get some more coffee, which only stands to make me more tense.

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Jess said...

great minds think alike. when I saw that picture of pastries I zoned in on those almond croissants. YUM!