Monday, March 8, 2010

Double For Nothing

I found a double yolk!

With all the eggs I've consumed, the odds finally caught me. I was making dinner with some friends and showed off what a huge egg I had found in a carton of already obese eggs. It was a monster. And voila, once cracked, its largesse was explained with quite a surprise. Two yolks! Twins! Of course, I selfishly requested to eat that egg, which I think was fine because nobody likes poached eggs except me. Runny yolks freak people out, but that's the best part: It's smooth like buttah.

I could never open a restaurant because I'd always be serving things I think are fabulous but which most of the world loathes: asparagus and other strange vegetables, runny eggs, assorted beans and legumes, things dowsed in an escessive amount of vinegar. I have this obnoxious interest in things just for the weird factor (except for things related to the Coen Bros). Joanna Newsom (weirdest voice ever), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite movies (and it is trippy), this video to go with a Grizzly Bear song. When my sister Allison and I were little, we would sit on our dad's lap while he read us Berenstein Bears or Dr. Seuss books. He would read, most commonly, in a French accent, and we would whine, "daaaaddddd, read it normal and boring." His response was (obviously) to read it in a robot voice, which isn't actually boring at all. We would scream, "No, dad. Regular. Read it regular." Turns out regular is boring. I like my friends how I like my steak, medium-rare. What if people only ever liked Nickelback and Lenny Kravitz, films starring Will Smith, and carrots and peas?

This tomato-sauce casserole was pretty hearty, plus incredibly easy. I just used this easy tomato sauce recipe, added some sauteed arugula, vodka and buttermilk while simmering the sauce. Cracked the eggs and broiled the whole thing at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, just until the egg whites were cooked through.

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Jess said...

I am with you on asparagus, runny yolks, and vinegar. I would eat at your restaurant all the time! #1 patron!