Monday, May 24, 2010

Every Rose

Cupcake decorating went way way way better than the cake decorating near fiasco. There were no bag explosions, no meltdowns. And look what I can do. I can make a rose out of sugar and Crisco. And it actually looks alright. Again, I won't vouch for the taste. I couldn't eat even one cupcake. Too sweet. But my friends, thankfully, finished them off.

At the third session in the four-week cake decorating class, I learned to make a shell border (sort of), a number of different flowers and should anyone be in need of a cake topper in the shape of a clown, I can do that too, but that one will cost you.  

Megan and Eric were packing up their stuff all day last Monday before they left on Tuesday. After a long sweaty day, we met up for the last drinks with friends at the Dundee Dell. Our whole little group of friends came to hang out with only a half-hour notice. It's surreal to be saying goodbye to Megan. It's sort of like a chapter closing on life.

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