Monday, May 10, 2010

Taking the Cake

Now for what's become a once-weekly installment of cooking. I must be a glutton for being busy--once my university class was over I signed up for a cake decorating class. I just replace one thing with another. The class started last week and meets at Mangelson's, a local craft store and actually my first employer way back 10 or 11 years ago. I walk through the aisles, which have been slightly rearranged and recall sorting shopping carts filled with beads and rhindstones. The store still has a popcorn machine.

Tonight's class should be interesting: I have to bring an already-frosted cake. I have never once been able to properly frost a cake--not ever--and I've had numerous chances. I've had cakes break apart on me, I've made frosting too runny, I've ran out of frosting midway through, you name the disaster involving the sugary-glue and I've done it. This time, I swear to follow the instructions. I'm going to make a crumb layer, and I'll even use Crisco instead of butter. My poor mom is perpetually the recipient of my awful cakes. She's the only one who would appreciate these efforts anyway. Get ready to be stunned mom--this one's for you.
This is what I'm aiming for: (I'll keep you posted on my progress)

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