Monday, November 10, 2008

Eggs Over Easy

My all-time comfort food is the egg. And since I usually only have myself to cook for, I can eat them whenever I want. When I was younger, I only liked scrambled and variations of (i.e. scrambled eggs with cheese, scrambled eggs with ham, scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and omelets). Thankfully, I went to Spain with an open mind. My Spanish mother made Myra and me eggs fried completely submerged in olive oil cooked over easy. Now I can't get enough of them (note: I cook eggs in water, not olive oil. Let's be honest, I got pretty chubby in Spain. I'd like to be able to walk up stairs without getting winded, OK). But here is why j' adore le egg (les oeufs):
See that creamy, yellow goodness running all over the toast? I like to dunk my toast in the buttery yolk and wipe my plate clean.
Granted, eggs are relatively easy to make. My 15-year-old sister (Happy Birthday Em) has been making them for years. So last night, I thought I'd change things up and make a poached egg. Poached eggs are cooked by submerging the egg in near-boiling water. If done perfectly, the egg comes out of the water looking round and white (kind of like what the egg would look like if it was back in its shell). As you can see above, mine did not look like that. However, after google-imaging "perfect poached eggs," I didn't really do so bad. I followed this recipe to the T. My only panic moment happened when the water fogged up all of a sudden and I couldn't see the egg. I was blindly fishing around for it hoping not to break the yolk.
It all turned out, but I think I'll continue to poach my eggs the way Meghan taught me: only half submerged in boiling water, with the lid on so that the steam also cooks the egg. At least that way I can see what's going on.


Jess said...

Ever since being pregnant, it's tough for me to stomach any type of egg that's not scrambled. Maybe I just need to visit Spain . .

Anonymous said...

You are really funny! Mom

Petulia said...

I am definitely going to try them!