Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're All a Little Obsessive.

I asked Jenny to make me a totally rad banner for my blog. You may have noticed the fruits of her labors above. I am super excited about it. Thanks Jenny. Jenny promises to start a blog soon (so I can link to her). In the meantime, she suggested we start a blog similar to this one. (Though I'm a little insecure about having my photography right next to Jenny's. Can't blame the camera for that much.) Well, she sent the banner to me, and then I began obsessing over the colors (background, foreground, borders) and font (colors, size). I'm also learning some HTML coding at work, so all of a sudden any color can be on my blog, not just those on blogspot's palette. Neons, pastels, gems, earthtones, any hue in any shade. It brings me back to my favorite part of high school art class: mixing colors--all you need is red, yellow, blue, white and black, and you can make any color. Well this is just like that, except less messy. Any (well not any) combination of letters and numbers produces a different color. So I have become a perfectionist (like Jenny). "No that tan is too pink, that one is too yellow, that grey is too blue, that one isn't light enough." I get it Jenny, I get it.


Anonymous said...


Maria said...

Nice work, Jenny! And Lainey, I do like these colors you picked. Don't change them!

Jess said...

It's so funny that you and your friend want to start something similar to 3191. My best friend and I have been planning the same thing! Unfortunately, neither of us are brilliant at banners/html, so I'm sure you will trump us in that department. : ) Also, we're completely amateur photographers - but hey, it's a good way to be in touch with your best friend, right? And an exercise in discipline. Good luck - can't wait to see what you and Jenny come up with!

Lainey Seyler said...

the 3191 idea is so clever. i don't think it'd be that hard once you figured out a template. jenny's a graphic designer, so she knows all that stuff. creative outlets are so important. even if it's just a little.

Laura Brooker said...

Lainey love the new design! :)
BTW, the Ethiopian Restaurant is just north of our place on Leavenworth. It is next door to the Middle & East Africa Grocery store.

We'd love to go back! It was great!