Monday, March 30, 2009

Spicy Meatball

My extended weekend in St. Louis wouldn't have been complete without a night in cooking together. Maria and I had been talking that we should do a cook off, a la Iron Chef America, but in the end we were all too tired from shopping and staying up later than I've stayed up in probably since college. So Maria, Maggie and I made turkey meatballs and spaghetti for everybody.
Of course we improvised it. Maria dug into the meat, egg, bread crumb mess.
Krista made vegetables.
Jenny took this artful photo. She can even make ground meat look good. Look at that flying oregano. Amy donated her apartment and cooking utensils.
Eight of us scrunched around this little coffee table in Amy's living room to laugh and eat. Life should always come with too many friends and too few chairs.
Turkey Meatballs for a Crowd:
3 pounds ground turkey meat
2 eggs
a bunch of unseasoned bread crumbs
a clove or two of garlic
parmesan cheese
dried basil, oregano and parsley
olive oil
Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Use your hands, but make sure they're clean. The consistency should be goopy, thick enough to roll into a ball and not fall apart. Roll meat into golf-ball-sized balls. Turn a burner on to medium high and heat up some oil. Pan fry the meatballs until they are brown on the outside. Check one or two to make sure they're done. Serve with spaghetti and meat sauce.


Maria said...

That meal was awesome! I can't believe I was the one who had to deal with the raw meat. I'm normally disgusted by it.

Anonymous said...

I love your comment that life should always come with too many friends and too few chairs! I'm going to remember that one the next time I'm short of chairs. Love, Mom

Lainey Seyler said...

get ready, because it might be easter.