Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Of Food Eaten

I haven't passed a milestone. I completed 100 blog entries several months ago, and I've long passed the six month mark. The reason for my Best Of list is because I was in Ohio last weekend and I'm going to Africa (yes Africa!) this weekend, and I hereby refuse to go grocery shopping. So tomorrow expect some seriously random pasta or egg dishes whilst I clean out my pantry. But in the meantime, feast on some the favorite recipes from the blog. (Disclaimer: This list is completely arbitrary based on the dishes I deem to be your favs and mine. And there are only eight, not 10. Deal.)
8: Salmon with Aioli and Leeks - or The day I conquered emulsifying. This was a great recipe that I really improvised on.

7. Cranberry-tangerine Muffins - I actually didn't think these muffins were anything spectacular, but as it turns out it's the only cranberry-tangerine combination on the World Wide Web.

6. Sauteed Asparagus - Another recipe that seems like nothing special to me. But I think it's the simplicity of this side that makes it stellar. And considering the copious amounts of limp asparagus in the world, we could use a recipe that let's the vegetable shine.
5. Potato Latkes - Come time for a Jewish holiday I get a lot of hits my site for this recipe. The best part: It can be made ahead of time and reheated. 4. Sour Cream and Onion Dip - Ohmygosh, this dip is insanely fantastic. Served the same night as the latkes (must have been some party), I was scrapping the bowl to get the last of the dip around 2 a.m. 3. The Seyler Family Eats Out - We've gone to Amsterdam Falafel, McDonald's and Thai Pepper. It's always an experiment in family dynamics. Call me Narcissus, but I still laugh when I read that Amsterdam Falafel entry.

2. Tortellini Soup - This recipe is legendary in our family.1. Amaretto Biscotti - Hands down the best thing I've made all year (and probably ever will make). So soft but still biscuit-y like biscotti is supposed to be.

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