Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sake To Me

Saturday night Megan, Kristen and I went to Matsu Sushi downtown. We decided Matsu would be more low-key than Blue, we were right. We even ran into my friends Amy and Pat--there's nothing I love more than bumping into people (Pat's band, Oui Bandits, is fantastic; they're playing a show at Slowdown on May 14 that you should all go to). After purusing the menu for like 20 minutes we decided on edamame, four rolls and a flight of sake. Five samples of sake was $6.50, while one 5-ounce drink was $4.50. As Amy said, "Seems like an obvious choice." Until the server brought the sake to our table. In five shot glasses. People walked by our table and stared at us. We thought about whether Eric could come pick us up when we couldn't walk anymore, or maybe we could take a cab home. Kristen and I were determined to drink them all. Megan drank with a bit more trepidation:
Then we called Katy to come help us finish the sake. But she got there and said she didn't like sake because she thinks it tastes like licorice. Some friend ...
So we called Maggie and Aaron to come help us.
Then the waiter told us that our five samples of sake was really equivalent to about two-and-a-half glasses of wine. Ohhhh. But we still shared. Even Katy tried some--ones that didn't taste like licorice. Instead she compared it to something else. Katy: "I know what it tastes like, hydrogen peroxide." Megan: "Ooooo, that stuff that whitens your teeth." So maybe two-and-a-half glasses was enough.


lindsey baker said...

i enjoy megan's sipping technique.

Meg said...

aw, that was fun.