Friday, April 17, 2009

Earth Day

Earth Day is this Saturday. Earth Day Omaha has done a lot of work to organize a big ol' party in Elmwood Park featuring speakers and live music (Black Squirrels and Polydypsia!). This is like the first festival of the summer people. And it celebrates Mother Nature. How exciting! I work part-time for The Reader, media sponsor for the event. My job generally involves eating at various restaurants around town and writing about it, among other things. But it's pretty sweet. But a month or so ago, John Heaston asked if I would write a cover story about community gardens. Even more exciting than Earth Day (to me at least)! And on such an interesting subject. I had the best time interviewing folks at City Sprouts, Gifford, Big Garden and Lampe and Rynearson (the last of which didn't make it to the story, sorry, not enough space). These organizations do such a great service ushering in sustainability and providing fresh produce in areas that don't have great access to healthy food. I could gush on and on (now that I'm no longer obligated to be journalistically apathetic). Researching and writing the story took a lot of energy, and I can only hope I presented the information concisely and interestingly (uh, is that a word?). But my story is on the cover of this week's Reader. If you don't find one lying around somewhere or if you aren't from Omaha or Lincoln, you can read the story here. I hope you like it, I hope you're not bored by it and only read the first two paragraphs. If you don't like it, lie to me. Photo Courtesy of The Reader

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congrats on the cover!!!